Business Focus

Business Focus


The ABC Group of Companies focuses on delivering integrated product solutions, supporting the customer from design concept to production and assembly.

Our business has evolved in close parallel with a significant trend in industrial sectors worldwide — namely, for businesses to rely increasingly on external suppliers to compliment and enhance their core capabilities.

Instead of supplying individual components, our customers are looking for complete systems, in which each element arrives fully assembled and ready to install. In this context, ABC Group works with customers in a much closer, partnership-style relationship, starting at the earliest stages of product planning and development.

We comprise numerous important subsidiaries, each contributing a specialized service or product for the automotive industry. We operate more than thirty five facilities strategically located around the world to provide direct support and services for our international customers. These facilities provide flexibility, efficiency and just-in-time delivery. Each plant operates independently, offering comprehensive resources and capabilities dedicated and tailored to meet our customer’s special needs. Together they pool knowledge, resources, people and finances wherever needed, to promote the growth of ABC Group as a whole. This total service operation is still quite a unique concept in the industry.

Consistent growth and expansion over the past four decades has been the result of several factors: our vision, our people’s enthusiasm and hard work, our ability to look upon challenges as opportunities, and our innovation. Tremendous changes in the automotive industry have actually enhanced our success. We’ve evolved as a technology leader, product innovator, and pioneer in plastics processing applications. Our commitment to research and development has resulted in over 300 patent registrations worldwide.