Our History


ABC Group Corporate History

1950 Supreme Casting Formed.

1961 ABC Plastic Moulding started by Supreme with one blow-moulding machine.

1968 ABC Plastic Moulding makes first automotive part.

1972 Salga Associates formed by Partners.

1974  ABC Group formed with purchase of ABC Plastic and Supreme Casting by Partners.

1977 Polybottle acquired by ABC Group.

1980 MSB Plastics formed.

1981 Salga Inc. formed in Toledo, Ohio.

1982 Salflex Polymers Ltd. Formed for material development and R&D.

1982 Plastic Moulding Group Limited formed. (International Operations)

1983 Polybottle Group Limited, Edmonton, Alberta, formed. (Formerly ABC Packaging Ltd.)

1984 LCF Manufacturing formed.

1985 Joint venture agreement with Inepsa in Spain Plasticos ABC S.A.

1985 Group Product Development formed.

1986 ABC Group Limited formed. (U.S. Operations)

1986 International Sales & Engineering Inc. formed by ABC Group (50%) and Todd Stewart (50%)

1986 Multi-Layer Plastics Ltd. Formed.

1986 ABC Packaging Ltd. commenced operations of new plant in Vancouver, B.C.

1987 The sanding operations of ABC Plastic Moulding commenced operations in Concord, Ontario

1987 Salga Plastics Inc. commenced operations of new plant in Gallatin, Tennessee.

1987 ABC – Nishikawa Industries Inc. Formed as joint venture in North America for Instrument panels and soft trim with Nishikawa Kasei Co. of Japan.

1987 N-A Plastic Co., Ltd. formed as joint venture in Japan for blow-moulding between Nishikawa Kasei Co. and ABC Group

1988 Salga Products Inc. new plant in Newark, Delaware.

1988 Canadian Plastic-Pak, new plant in Vancouver, B.C.

1988 ABC Industrial Products commences business operations.

1989 Polybottle Group Limited, Vancouver, B.C., formed. (formerly ABC Plastic-Pak Ltd.)

1990 ABC Group formed a joint venture in Germany for the marketing and development of blow-moulded products.

1990 ABC Plastiepuma S.A. de C.V. commenced operations of a new plant in San Juan del Rio, Mexico.

1992 All Packaging Divisions merged to form Polybottle Group Limited.

1992 ABC Group Sales & Engineering Inc. formed.

1992 ABC Group International Technologies Inc. formed.

1994 ABC Automobil Formteile GmbH in Germany and Plasticos ABC Spain, S.A. become wholly owned and managed by ABC Group.

1994 ABC Multi-Flex Plastics Inc. formed dedicated to production of sequential extrusion products.

1994 Supreme Mould Limited formed

1995 ABC Group (Canada) Ltd. formed. (Canadian Operations)

1995 ABC Plastiepuma plant expansion and name change to Grupo ABC de Mexico, S.A. de C.V.

1995 ABC Air Management Systems Inc. formed.

1995 ABC Group Tech Centre established in Toronto, Ontario.

1995 Supreme Tooling Inc. in Indiana, becomes wholly owned and managed by ABC Group.

1996 ABC Metal Products Inc. formed.

1996 ABC Group Exterior Systems Inc. formed.

1997 ABC Group Interior Systems formed.

1997 PDI Plastics Inc. Acquired.

1997 International Sales & Engineering Inc. owned and fully managed by ABC Group.

1997 ABC Group Fuel Systems Inc. formed.

1998 Extrusion Technologies formed.

1998 ABC Group Do Brasil Ltda. Formed.

1999 MSB Plastics Manufacturing Ltd. Becomes wholly owned and managed by ABC Group.

1999 ABC Group Japan Inc. formed.

1999 Grupo ABC de Mexico S.A. de C.V. Second plant established.

2001 ABC Group Sales & Marketing Inc. established world wide.

2001 Undercar Products Group Inc. established in Grand Rapids, Michigan, U.S.A.

2002 ABC Flexible Engineering Products Inc. (formerly Extrusions Technologies).

2003 ABC Interior Systems Inc. (formerly ABC Group Interior Systems).

2003 ABC Exterior Systems Inc. (formerly ABC Group Exterior Systems).

2003 Polyform Engineering products (formerly PDI Plastics Inc.).

2004 ABC Automotive Systems Inc. established in Kentucky, U.S.A.

2004 Humberline Packaging Inc. formed.

2006 ABC Group Global Sales & Marketing Inc. formed in Korea.

2007 ABC Group sales & Marketing (China) Inc. formed.

2009 ABC Group appoints new leadership.

2010 ABC Group Fuel Systems announces strategic alliance with YAPP Automotive Parts

2011 ABC Group Undercar Products expands and moves to new manufacturing location in Wyoming, Michigan.

2011 First Canadian Tier One auto parts supplier to receive WBE certification.

2011 ABC Group announces joint venture agreement with China’s Ningbo INOAC Huaxiang Automobile Products Co. Ltd.

2011 ABC INOAC Huaxiang Co., Ltd. (AIH) opens manufacturing facility in Ningbo, China

2011 ABC Group signs Global Alliance agreement with Japan’s INOAC Corporation.

2011 Grupo ABC de Mexico S.A. de C.V opens Plant 3 in San Juan del Rio.

2011 ABC Group JV in Poland; Graform… .

2012 ABC Group receives GM Supplier of the Year award for Interior Products.

2013 ABC Group receives GM Supplier of the Year award for Air Induction.

2013 ABC Group receives a certification of Cost Achievement from Toyota.

2013 ABC Group receives a certification of Compliance from WeBe Canada.

2013 ABC Group receives the Presidents award from WeConnect Canada

2013 ABC INOAC JV in North America. ABC INOAC Exterior Systems Inc. (LLC) is formed.

2014 ABC INOAC Huaxiang Co., Ltd. (AIH) opens manufacturing facility in Shenyang, China.

2014 Grupo ABC de Mexico S.A. de C.V opens Plant 4 in Queretaro.

2014 ABC Group sells its Fuel Systems division to Rongshi International Holding Company Ltd.

2014 Mary Anne Bueschkens becomes President & General Counsel of ABC Group. Derrick Phelps becomes Deputy president and Chief Strategy Officer of ABC Group. Helga Schmidt is Chairman & CEO of ABC Group.

2014 ABC Group & Cornaglia open JV manufacturing facility, ABCOR Filters Inc. in Toronto, Canada.