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Production Technician (Blow Moulding and/or Injection Moulding)


Job Title: Production Technician
(Blow Moulding and/or Injection Moulding)
Job Category: Production
Locations: Toronto, Ontario. CA
Gallatin, Tennessee. USA
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As a Production Technician, you will monitor all upstream production equipment. Essentially, you will ensure that quality parts are produced efficiently and safely by accurate installation and maintenance of all equipment.


In the role of a Production Technician, your primary responsibilities include ensuring all process equipment functions safely, and accurately meets cycle times and quality standards.

You will frequently monitor all vital systems involved in the production process and make the necessary adjustments to meet quality/production standards

Also, you will assist resin material handlers in their work processes if needed, along with relieving machine operators to assist with production when required.

You must also ensure that all materials meet quality standards, and that there is no raw material loss through the set up of handling systems.


To become an ideal Production Technician, you possess Technical education in Engineering or equivalent work experience. Also, working knowledge of plastic processing using Blow/Injection moulding is a must-have.

A minimum of two (2) years of production experience is required, and previous automotive experience would be considered an asset.

You possess a strong mechanical and mathematical aptitude along with great verbal & written communication skills.


A Production Technician should possess the following competencies to reflect excellent performance:

Results Focused – You will focus on desired outcomes and how to best achieve them. You get the job done efficiently and effectively.

Safety Oriented – You will plan, manage, and complete tasks while keeping in mind all aspects of safety measures, standardized processes and work hazard prevention techniques while ensuring/exceeding compliance to safety policies and legislative requirements.

Time Management / Work Ethic – You will maximizes time in order to accomplish as many tasks as possible in a timely manner keeping in mind prioritizing tasks as needed.

Quality Orientation – You will complete tasks keeping in mind all aspects involved regardless of magnitude, checking tasks and processes while giving attention to details.

Accountability and Dependability – You will take personal responsibility for the quality and timeliness of work and achieves results with no oversight, including following guidelines, standards, regulations, and principles.